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Behind the Business Podcast

With Irina Pichura

Expert advice, virtual happy hours, and backstage access to wildly profitable businesses. VIP treatment…it’s just another Tuesday around here.

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Wherever you listen to podcasts to get instant access to top-level entrepreneur interviews & 6-figure secrets from my own biz. Steal what works. Grow & scale your business fast. Your ears will thank you.

Latest Episodes

Build Your Audience

#9: How I Got My First 10K Email Subscribers

Wasting effort on social media instead of building your email list? Find out the exact steps you should take to get your first 10K email subscribers!

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Build Your Audience

#8 How to Build an Evergreen Sales Funnel with Amber Renae

Are you ready to turn your funnel evergreen but still lacking the conversions? Find out what small tweaks could change everything!

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Build Your Audience

#7: 3 Things You Need to Focus on as a New Online Entrepreneur

Are you feeling burnt out because you are so busy but never moving the needle? Listen to learn the 3 parts of your business you need to focus on most.

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Scale Your Business

#6: How to Apply Human Design to Your Business

Do you know your Human Design type? Learn how understanding yours can offer you the clarity you need to show up more intentionally in your business

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Build Your Audience

#5: How to Grow Your Audience with a Podcast

Why podcasting is the best way to grow and nurture your audience.

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Just Starting Out

#4: Why Your Business Needs a Unique Selling Proposition

Do you have a unique selling proposition? Learn how to write one and increase sales with messaging that packs a punch!

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