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Behind the Business Podcast

With Irina Pichura

Expert advice, virtual happy hours, and backstage access to wildly profitable businesses. VIP treatment…it’s just another Tuesday around here.

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Wherever you listen to podcasts to get instant access to top-level entrepreneur interviews & 6-figure secrets from my own biz. Steal what works. Grow & scale your business fast. Your ears will thank you.

Latest Episodes

Just Starting Out

#3: The 3 Best Decisions I Made in My Business

There's so much to do when you're first starting off online, the list seems endless. I'm breaking down the 3 things that have given me the best ROI.

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Scale Your Business

#2: My Transition From Corporate to 6 Figure Business Owner

My corproate lay off may have not been expected, however it was what had to happen for me to start my dream 6-figure business.

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Just Starting Out

#1: 3 Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Business

If you're feeling like you're not good or qualified enough to do something in your business, you might be plagued by imposter syndrome.

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Wherever you're at in your entrepreneurial journey, there's an episode to help you grow your biz below.

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