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#14: Using Attraction Marketing to Find Your Ideal Client with Ease with Lindsay Sewell

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If I were to ask you who your ideal client is, could you describe that person to me? Do you know where they hang out? What keeps them up at night? What problems and challenges they face in their day to day life? What brands they admire and buy from?

On today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce you to business, marketing and life coach, Lindsay Sewell. Lindsay lives and breathes all things attracting fact, she’s built a business helping people with it.

Many people would say that their ideal client is a former version of themselves! And while that’s not entirely untrue, it’s not your best guide for directing your marketing. You may be marketing to you, but it’s the version of you that you knew 6 months ago...5 years ago...the version of you that was stuck. How are you marketing to her? 

Lindsay and I talk about the best way to network in Facebook groups. She shares how to take advantage of being a new member and gracefully introduce yourself without blowing it with uninvited self-promo posts. Do you regularly introduce yourself to the owner of the group? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity to shake hands virtually and stand out! 

Lindsay shares a few other super helpful tips for connecting with your ideal client faster. 

I bet you know 3 people who are killing it in the marketing game in your niche. Go join their communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on Instagram. That’s where the conversations are happening-and you can get in on them! 

Because here’s the truth: that kingpin is never going to be able to really reach every single person they are nurturing. Go ahead, take someone off their plate and connect with them and give them the attention they’re craving.

A Breakdown of this Episode 

[5:33] Why your ideal client avatar is not just you

[9:40] The four questions you need to ask yourself if you’re launching a new product or service

[9:59] The simple but classy post you can create when you join a new Facebook group

[12:45] Why it’s always to your advantage to connect with the admin of a Facebook group

[13:22] 5 ideas for unique posts you can make in Facebook groups to attract your ideal client

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Lindsay Sewell

Lindsay Sewell is a business, marketing and life coach who helps ambitious women business owners to stand out confidently online, create a personal brand, and turn their business idea or side gig into income in record time.

A mom of two daughters herself, Lindsay started her journey into entrepreneurship in 2016 with a desire to leave the corporate world and create financial and time freedom for her family. After struggling for the first few years in her own online business, she discovered the power of leveraging Attraction Marketing online, and quickly turned the business from struggling to success.

She now runs a full-time coaching business from home, was a finalist on Ray Higdon’s “Play To Win” Reality Show, and has shared the stage with Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, Danelle Delgado, and Hank Norman. After watching so many women and moms struggle in their own small businesses, she launched her coaching program in 2019 to help ambitious women close the gap between where they are and where they want to be in business and life.

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