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#15: How to Make Money with a Small Audience Online with Ellen Yin

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When you’re in the beginning stages of starting your online business, you’ll be anxious to learn anything and everything. And while educating yourself is always a good thing, many times new solopreneurs end up taking a little bit from everyone they hear from and try to copy-paste it into their own business model. 

The problem? They weren’t all marketing to you in the first place. 

Today’s podcast guest, 26-year-old business coach and former cubicle dweller, Ellen Yin shares the remedy for this common problem. Ellen calls herself a “marketing minimalist” because her strategies go against those of the “gurus” who say you need to have a huge social media following or email list to be successful. 

If you’re a service-based solopreneur, there’s good news. Yes, you should create still content, but let’s pull it back to like 3 times a week while you dive into DMs. Refocusing on connecting and networking is going to allow you to trade exhaustion for profit. 

Ellen shares why she believes her network is the key to her success, how she makes sure the content that she does create is resonating, and why you can get a hold of Ellen's business income reports. 

And for fun, learn how she and her boyfriend landed on the Today show for a makeover in the midst of Covid! Tots fun!

A Breakdown of this Episode: 

[3:04] Why Ellen had the guts to leave her 9-5 without a backup plan

[7:22] The biggest mistakes people make when marketing their business on Instagram

[10:12] Why you as the expert need to be able to tell the difference between what your client thinks they want and what they really need 

[14:58] The reason Ellen invests so much energy into the relationships in her network

[15:52] Learn how Ellen’s course, Hashtag Hacks could be the life-line you need to maximize your marketing efforts on Instagram

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Ellen Yin

Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership teaching service solopreneurs how to make their first $10K month - without a large audience or posting every day.

Through her boutique Instagram marketing agency, Ellen Yin Media, Ellen has worked with multi-million dollar brands, Fortune 500 executives, and best-selling authors.

She has been featured on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna and in publications like Authority Magazine, The Penny Hoarder, LA Style, and Disrupt Magazine.

To date, Ellen has served over 4,000 entrepreneurs (and still growing daily) through her online courses + services.

Rated a "new & noteworthy" show by Apple Podcasts during its release week, the Cubicle to CEO Podcast has been downloaded in over 84 countries worldwide and peaked in the Top 50 Entrepreneurship Podcasts in the United States.

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