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#12: How to Confidently Price Your Offers with Abagail and Emylee of Boss Project

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When it comes to pricing, especially when you’re just getting started in your business, it can be tricky to figure out your sweet spot of what you want to charge. You’ve got to strike that perfect balance of providing value, while being able to meet your bottom line. 

In today’s episode, I’ve invited Abagail and Emylee, co-owners of Boss Project to talk about all the things related to getting your offer out there so you can have a profitable business! 

There’s good news and bad news: the good news is that no one can tell you what to charge. But you still have to charge something in order to make money. So our advice? Just charge something. Not the right fit? No problem? Switch it up!  

You may think that as a new entrepreneur, you have no business charging premium rates, but the truth is you’re probably not just getting started. You probably have a heck of a lot of experience that you’re just not giving yourself credit for. 

If you undercharge, you’re going to be bitter. If you overcharge, you’re not going to sell something you can’t show up with confidence to sell. 

Abagail and Emylee’s best advice is to take the pressure off and do the thing. You don’t need to finish your website or redo your logo for the 17th time to be able to sell something.

It’s time to make these decisions babe, and you have to be aligned. Your instincts are good, so trust them and stop asking for permission! 

A Breakdown of this Episode 

[2:25] Why you have to know your bottom line before you make pricing decisions

[5:44] Why you need to stop asking everyone and their mom about your offers

[8:44] What you should be thinking when someone tells you what to charge for your service or product

[15:44] Why Abagail and Emylee have scaled some offers and will never change the price of one offer

[21:28] How the Template Shop could simplify your business and help you stay branded and beautiful

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Abagail & Emylee

Abagail and Emylee are the founders of Boss Project, an online education company built for creative small business owners. They’re just two gals, from the Midwest, trying to keep our new houseplant alive, make delicious smoothies and find another good show on Netflix. They don't believe you need to have #AllTheThings to get paid to be creative. Today, they teach creative entrepreneurs like you how to get paid full-time doing what they love.

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