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#8 How to Build an Evergreen Sales Funnel with Amber Renae

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Does making money in your sleep sound like a dream come true? It’s not a pipe dream or bro marketing-t’s a reality that could be yours when you create an evergreen sales funnel for your product or offer. 

But the road to that point sometimes requires lots of testing and tweaking. 

When I was first creating my webinar to sell my digital course, I felt so deflated. Showing up night after night to do my webinar live was exhausting, especially because it wasn’t converting.

I’m not one to give uo on anything, but after many failed attempts, I was ready to call it quits and go back to my 9-5.

Just before throwing in the towel, I reached out to Amber Renae, who is our guest in this episode and my former business coach. Amber said something in an email that, as corny as it sounds, changed my life. I read back this email to Amber in the episode and it literally made her cry.

Amber is an expert in building evergreen funnels and understanding the psychological triggers for conversion. We’re talking all about where funnels fail, how to know when to turn your funnel to evergreen, and why you absolutely cannot afford to give up on that funnel that’s not performing...yet!  

A Breakdown of this Episode 

[6:57] Learn why Amber considers losing the best job the biggest boost to her business

[8:34] Learn exactly what goes into building an evergreen funnel

[13:11] This is how you know it’s time to convert your funnel to evergreen

[14:58] Find out how Amber helped transform my failing funnel

[20:40] Amber shares where she sees the majority of funnels fail

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Amber Renae

Amber Renae is a civil engineer, turned fashion editor, turned leading e-course creator. She’s a serial entrepreneur that has cracked the code on building three six-figure businesses. Her wealth of experience and knowledge has seen Hollywood come knocking, with Amber currently showcasing her expertise on the brand new reality series Dream Life Los Angeles.

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