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#9: How I Got My First 10K Email Subscribers

irina pichura

When it comes to marketing in your business, your social media accounts and your email list are not equal. To put it another way, marketing on social media is like using a dating app: it’s the swipe left or swipe right. 

But email marketing? That’s the first phone call of the relationship. It’s the direct line. They’ve raised their hand and they're listening now. 

When it comes to social media, the more followers you have, the less engagement you often get. For this reason, relying on these channels to support your launch is a really bad investment. 

But how do you get that prime access to your audience?

Today I am going to share with you 3 key strategies to get your first 10K email subscribers: 

  1. Use the tech that can optimize your reach: With a provider like Active Campaign, you can build out automations, design and load an entire email sequence, and even segment subscribers based on their behavior. These options can save you from scrambling at the last minute! 
  1. Experiment with your opt-ins: I’ll share all the different kinds of freebies you can offer: checklists, templates, guides, tutorials, or my favorite: webinars. Create something that solves a really relevant problem for your niche. Then continue tweaking it until you find the resource they love most! 
  1. My winning combo: organic free traffic + paid advertising: I break down the exact system I use on Pinterest to market my blog posts and drive traffic to my website. I’ll also share how you can get started with Facebook Ads even if you’ve never done it before. (PS: I started with a super small daily budget and you can too!)

A Breakdown of this Episode: 

[1:13] Why an email list is the heart of your business

[4:55] Why you don’t need to need to kill yourself trying to create one perfect, life-altering freebie

[6:42] Check out how I create blog posts and freebies that go hand in hand 

[10:09] Find out how I measure the ROI on my Facebook ads

[12:27] Try using this idea for an easy-to-create opt-in that helped me get a ton of new subscribers

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