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#4: Why Your Business Needs a Unique Selling Proposition

irina pichura

Let me guess, you’re amazing at what you do. I bet you know exactly what kind of impact you make in the lives of your clients, but you feel like the online business space is a little too crowded? 

Like you’re competing... or worse, just lurking in the shadows of your competitors? That might be because you are trying to market to just about everyone. And you’re most likely lacking a super powerful weapon-the USP, the unique selling proposition. 

In this episode, I am talking with my business bestie and rockstar copywriter, Sarah Zerkel (Zerkie). She’s going to share all of her 5-step formula for creating USP’s so you can magnetize your ideal clients and repel everyone else. 

Sarah is the real deal. I know because the copy she created for my course, Crushing it with Courses instantly impacted my sales after she got her hands on it. 

Are you ready to stand out in your space? 

Tune into this episode to learn how to nail down your offer with a killer unique selling proposition.   

A Breakdown of this Episode

[4:46] Find out where you can use the unique selling proposition and why it’s a non-negotiable 

[6:01] Sarah shares why a USP actually simplifies selling EVERYTHING 

[6:54] Take a deep dive into Sarah’s Amplify Your Awesome Framework 

[11:30] Find out where else this magical USP comes in handy

[12:51] Learn the most common pitfalls you might stumble into in writing your unique selling proposition

[22:45] Do you know these brands? Check out some of Sarah’s favorite USPs

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Sarah Zerkel

Sarah AKA "Zerkie" is a conversion copywriter and online sales strategist. And she's obsessed with helping next-level entrepreneurs stand out in crowded markets. Because watching her clients walk away knowing just what their “awesome” is and how to sell it is what she lives for.

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