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#11: 10 Ways To Increase Your Engagement with Instagram Reels

irina pichura

Batching content is a brilliant strategy...if you can come up with a month of content 30 days out. For me, my best ideas come to me in the moment, which can be a challenge...except when it comes to using Instagram’s newest feature, Reels! 

You’ve probably already seen the new feature on your IG feed, but if you haven’t used it yet, you’re missing out on some crazy engagement (likes, comments, and follows).

Reels are the equivalent to TikTok’s micro-educational clips that have gained a lot of traction recently. Whether or not TikTok will be around forever remains to be seen, but for now, if I’m making a reel on IG, I’m repurposing it on TikTok too, cause why not?

I’ve been doing a ton of experimenting to see what performs best on reels right now and I’ve curated a list of 10 ways to use reels to increase your engagement on Instagram! 

My challenge to you is to try 3 of them this week and then come share your results with us in the Behind the Business Facebook group

1. Simply say hello! Reintroduce yourself to your existing audience and say hello to your new audience. When you use reels, you have the chance to show up in the "Explore" feed. Doing this means you’re going to attract a ton of new traffic. They need to know exactly who you are and what you do! What can your audience expect to learn from you.

2. Share your story: What were you doing before you started your business? What events triggered this shift in your life and career (ie: getting fired, getting burnt out). Be sure to drop your why here! 

3. 3 Secrets, Steps, or Examples: People love quick and actionable tips. Give your audience things they can implement ASAP! I shared my 3 step sales funnel and got amazing results! 

4. Share a Win: Did you land a dream client? Finish a course? Hit a new milestone in your business? Don’t be shy-your win is an inspiration to someone who needs to hear it! 

5. Share a Tool in Your Business: If you find something that is saving your time or sanity, chances are your audience needs to know about it too! 

6. How to or Step by Step: You may think that your expertise is not that impressive, but what comes natural to you does not come natural to everyone! Give them a glimpse of the magic in your brain. 

7. Share the 3 Big Lessons: People love these types of Reels. If you’ve gone before them in business, your audience can grow faster in their journey from getting inside your brain. 

8. A Day in the Life/ Behind the Scenes-If someone has no idea what it looks like to do what you do or own their own business, pretty much everything you share here is going to be exciting. Try making videos at 2-3x speed and add some background music. 

9. Share the 3 Big Mistakes: There’s no reason why your audience should have to make the same mistakes as you if they are paying attention. Grow your trust factor by getting vulnerable! 

10. Answer a FAQ: What is one question people are asking you all the time when you get into DMs, discovery calls, or just casual conversations? Chances are, your audience has the same question! Give them the answer!

And here’s a bonus for you: Make sure to add a call to action-"If you loved these tips, be sure to follow me."

Bottom line: The content you create for IG reels should be a balance of being relatable and educational! 

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