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#13: How I Turned My 1:1 Coaching Program into a Digital Course

irina pichura

If you’ve ever taken a digital course that has helped you in business or other areas of your life, you know how life-changing they can be. But have YOU ever wanted to create a digital course-but then stopped yourself because you thought you weren’t qualified to teach on that topic? 

I totally relate. 

I got started as an entrepreneur offering one-on-one career coaching because I thought it was the only thing I could offer, but then I started to notice something: my clients were seeing consistent results. Those results came about because I showed up to navigate them through a defined process. When they showed up to do the work, they got results they were after. It was that simple. 

That’s when it hit me: my step-by-step process would allow me to replicate results and I could help a lot more people. This process became the framework of my first digital course. 

All of this was made possible because I was super clear on the problems that my ideal client was facing. To this day, I poll my audience consistently to make sure my offers are a perfect combination of my expertise and the problems and challenges my clients are struggling with. 

So, what results do you get for your clients? Think about the process you guide your one-on-one or group coaching clients through. If it’s all in your head, do the work of brain dumping it-on a blank Google doc, a white board, post-its, whatever makes sense to you. 

Here’s the other thing: when you help people transform any part of their life or business, they become your client for life! They’ll continue to buy other offers from you and also tell all of their network about your work, AKA, the word about your digital course begins to spread because of the value it delivers. 

It’s you’re ready to create a digital course, it’s time to get crystal clear on the impact you’re making-the work that comes so easy to you

A Breakdown of this Episode 

[0:52] Find out what I thought 1:1 services were my only option as an entrepreneur in the beginning

[2:53] Why your systems are the secret to creating a digital course

[4:34] How you can make be confident about the content you are creating for your course

[9:01] This is the next step you can take after mapping out your systems

[11:27] The best marketing tool that you could be overlooking

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