Should You Be Doing Webinars?

irina pichura

I’m a HUGE fan of webinars - you already know this.I’ve used them successfully in my biz to sell my digital courses, it’s been the #1 way to move people into my courses.Webinars made me $10,000 last month in passive course sales and expected to bring in $15,000 this month (from 1 course & 1 webinar).

Reasons I think webinars are great:

  1. Webinars are a commitment when someone says “yes” to spending an hour with you, they are more inclined to purchase from you.
  2. They get to know you and you’re teaching style quickly, so they can make a decision if you’re the right person to help them with their problem.
  3. My favorite reason: since webinars can be turned into evergreen, they can sell your course or get you on sales calls on autopilot (versus something that needs to be done live all of the time).

Are webinars right for you?

It takes a lot of work and effort to get a profitable webinar going the first time, so ask yourself the following Q’s to see if it’s a good fit for you right now or maybe something to consider down the line.

1. Is your product (course, coaching, etc) something your audience has already purchased?

Do you have a product or service that you’ve sold LIVE and validated that people want and need? Before putting together an entire webinar (which is a lot of work), you’ll want to make sure that what’s being sold at the end of that webinar is a no-brainer “YES” for your audience, meaning that you’ve already sold it successfully. Without proof of concept, throwing a webinar to sell something won’t work because you won’t know what to fix first, the webinar or the product (kinda like the chicken or egg dilemma).

2. How confident are you at sales?

Get real: can you confidently sell? Webinars are made to give your audience a mini-training (the WHAT) and your products are the solutions to their problem (the HOW)...You’ll need to be GOOD at presenting (or you’ll bore your audience to death and they’ll never make it to the pitch).And you need to make sure you’re comfortable with the pitch (asking for the sale).Let’s get introspective and honest here: are you cringing during your sales calls when it comes time to talk about the price?If you are, maybe you want to practice it in calls a bit more before creating a webinar.TRUTH💣: I was deadly scared to tell people my price was $997 for coaching...Today, I can confidently sell my $3k or $5K coaching package without hesitation.The end of your webinar will be the pitch...meaning you’ll have to tell people how your product can help them, the price, the payment plan, and answer their questions....can you confidently do that or do you need more practice?3. Are you good at tech?There are a million pieces that go into pulling off a webinar...how tech-savvy are you today? It’s not rocket science, but you’ve got to be able to wrap your mind about setting up the webinar software, an email sequence, a landing registration page, etc…Are you able to put the pieces together to get people to register to live webinar to the sales page? If you’re a beginner and the thought of getting a freebie successfully delivered to someone automatically scares you, it might be too soon to think about doing webinars.

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