Newbie Business Advice from 6 Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

irina pichura

When I first started my online coaching biz in late 2017, I was totally clueless. It took me several years to feel like I finally have some confidence and momentum (& money in the bank).It wasn't long ago that you could find me downloading all the freebies, spending hours on social wondering “WTF do clients come from?” and secretly applying to jobs.   I struggled soooo much in the beginning, more than I’d ever like to admit to anyone else.I wish I would have stumbled across an article like this back then.This article is for those of you in the first few years of business... getting your feet wet, trying to “make it work”, and/or feeling like giving up….I hand-selected a few kickass female entrepreneurs who are killing it online (today) to reflect back on when they started in the entrepreneurial space and share their best piece of advice for those just starting out...Here’s what they had to say...

First up is Courtney Michelle. This momma has no idea, but I’ve been eyeing her biz forever and watching her grow! She is a girl after my own heart because she works on designing beautiful courses inside of Kajabi for her clients.  She says:"If I was starting my business over, I would focus on money-making activities FIRST. The first 2 years of my business consisted of me designing my website, getting professional pictures done, changing my brand, coming up with a business name, etc. I really wish I would have spent that time growing my audience or creating simple offers that could have easily brought in some cash!If you're just starting out, focus on the tasks that are going to bring in money. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by #allthethings, start small, focus, and create a simple & small offer that'll bring in the cash. Even if it's a mini-course or a small 1:1 coaching offer. You're going to learn SO much about your ideal clients and what they are needing help with if you take action and start working with them." - Courtney Michelle, courtneymichelle.co

Kelsey Chapman

Next up...Kelsey Chapman, who, SURPRISE!!! connected with me through Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest). She’s an Author, Podcaster, & Digital Marketing Strategist. Here’s what Kelsey says:"I would have saved for a rainy day. I am not one to preach about the feast or famine cycle, and I 100% believe there are systems you can put in place to keep the mountain top moments from plummeting to stark valleys, financially speaking.  But with entrepreneurship, there are bound to be seasons of ebb and flow. When I scaled my business to 20k months, I assumed that kind of cash flow would last forever  - so I shoveled everything I made into up-leveling my brand. And then one algorithm change altered my business (and my income) overnight. While everything ended up being okay, if I would have saved even just a small fraction of what I was making monthly, it would have made this transition far less stressful and more enjoyable. This was a hard lesson to learn, but it taught me that planning for a rainy day isn't a lack-based mindset, it's simply smart."-Kelsey Chapman, kelseychapman.com


Sasha Lipskaia is on my Facebook ads team (which automatically means she's a certified genius, cause have you ever opened up Facebook Ads Manager? 🤦‍♀️). We also freakishly have a lot in common (gotta love synchronicities). Here’s the wisdom she’s dropping:"Growing a solid business takes time, it's a marathon, not a race, so do not worry about being on every platform doing all of the things. Stay authentic, and speak your truth. However, you must offer value to your audience. Those who mind do not matter. And those who matter will not mind."Sasha Lipskaia, sashalipskaia.com


Hannah & I connected over our obsession with Pinterest. Hannah is a Blogging and Pinterest Strategist that helps peeps step up their game on Pinterest. Here's what she has to say about 1st years of business:"The reason behind why you're doing something, your WHY, is even more important than HOW you do it. If you get into something for the wrong reasons you will automatically fail. If you try to tap into your passion, not only will you see more success but most things will work themselves out! Your mindset also will make or break you. I had NO idea how important mindset was until I really started taking my business seriously. This whole online business/entrepreneur thing is hard and if you don't have a healthy mindset you won't be able to succeed."Hannah Johnson, hannahljohnson.com

Elisa Canali

Catch one of Elisa's Facebook lives and you'll get sucked right in! Her expertise is Human Design and Gene Keys, which is a wildly interesting area to explore, especially for those of you open to a little woo in your life (which I'm always down for)!Here's Elisa's <energy-infused> advice:"Over the past years as an online entrepreneur, I have learned that embodiment is the key to effortless success. There is no cookie-cutter approach to a successful business, and leaning into my personal genetic makeup through Human Design and my Gene Keys, specifically my life's work and brand have helped me be adaptable, clear and massively impactful while staying soul-aligned and in integrity with what I stand for. "Elisa Canali, elisacanali.com


Last, but definitely not least, is one of my biz besties, Christine Michelle. We met through an online course we did together years ago (cute right?)...I always run to her when I need a kick in the *energy balls* because she’s the master at all things spiritual/mindset/manifesting. Here’s her wisdom drop:"Energy is what matters most. Get your mindset right and then take the appropriate action.  Doing first caused exhaustion and adrenal failure.Learn how your soul processes energy and you will find your strengths. I pushed and pushed uphill for a while until I learned Human Design. It has changed my way of operating and attracted much more ease into my business and my life.There is no one right way to do anything.  Find 7 millionaires and you will find 7 different ways they accomplished it. Listen to your own guidance and be willing to step out of the box.And one last thing…success comes when you be yourself.  The more comfortable you are with speaking from your heart and showing up how you want to, the more you will attract your soul audience to you."Christine Michelle, alignedsoul.com

Phew, that was a lot of wisdom dropping & I couldn't agree with these ladies more...Annnd, finally, here's a bonus tip from yours truly!! :"If you set out to create a business, the desire was placed there for a reason. Just because it feels hard right now, doesn’t give you the right to give up...Your skill set, knowledge, experience, and unique perspective are needed in the world.  Today, I receive countless messages from members of my audience about how grateful they are for the information, courses & content I put out there. Imagine how selfish it would have been of me to cave in when things were tough and not given this business, literally, everything I've got?"

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