How to Stay Confident When First Starting Out as an Entrepreneur

irina pichura

The greatest advantage of your own entrepreneurship is that you are your own boss, right? You don't have to answer to anyone else. That being said, getting into entrepreneurship is a lot of responsibility. Your decisions mean you take on a lot of that responsibility. You need a certain kind of personality to carve a niche in the business world as an independent business owner. There are certain keys to achieving success in entrepreneurship, which includes not losing confidence even if you face challenges (and there will be challenges). Here are several key factors to maintaining your confidence if you are first starting out in entrepreneurship.


Rejection is the first thing you need to get comfortable with. Entrepreneurship is literally the end of your comfort zone and rejection is the new norm. If you cannot take rejection well, then entrepreneurship is not for you. Even the most successful business owners have had their fair share of experience with rejection. If you are rejected by one potential client or customer, it’s not the end of the world. As your confidence grows, there will be less and less rejection, but when you’re first getting started, it’s normal. Accept that they will happen and what’s meant for you will not pass you.Use these rejections as a source of motivation to improve for future opportunities.


Running an online business is hard, like really hard. If you think that you have everything organized and well-planned, then you may set yourself up for unpleasant surprises. To prepare for future challenges, be open to learning new things. The more you learn and pick up on, the better equipped you are to handle unexpected circumstances and obstacles in your path.For example - I’ve committed myself to be the very best coach - which means I am always improving how I facilitate my sessions, the experience my clients have, and how quickly they can get their desired results.I also am committed to making a bigger impact and attracting more people into my tribe daily - in order to do this, I enroll in courses and hire coaches that will help me with marketing, copywriting, SEO, etc.


Accepting failures and moving on is a very healthy attitude in online business. Mistakes happen for many reasons, and drawing inspiration from them is valuable to steering your growth towards a positive direction. You need to refer back to your vision again and find out what elements you can change. The ability to self-reflect and accommodate mistakes can help you maintain your confidence and in turn, help you grow into a more dynamic entrepreneur.


As a growing entrepreneur, it is important to not be too harsh on yourself. The big picture of being an entrepreneur is to have joy and passion for what you are doing. If you begin to resent your business it will reflect on your confidence and how hard you try to make things work. By taking the time to celebrate minor achievements, you can be motivated to perform better and knock out important goals. In addition, your audience will feel it as well.The many complications and obstacles that come your way as an entrepreneur can either break your confidence. By adapting to these challenges and converting them into learning points, you can sustain your confidence and grow as an entrepreneur. Simple elements such as appreciating small achievements, being open to learning can continue to help you elevate your business. Consider adopting these principles into your routine if you are looking to grow as a confident, successful entrepreneur.Are you brand new to entrepreneurship and need some help, support, and guidance? I have just the tribe for you! Join my private Facebook group - Behind the Business where you’ll find just that!

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