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How to Price Your Digital Course

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Have you ever had someone (who doesn’t know anything about your course or what’s in it) say to you: “you should charge more” or “you’re uncharging”  (this happens to me all of the time)...I want you to feel super confident with pricing your online course, so let’s take a look at the details you should be considering when slapping a price tag on your course offer. Before you decide on the pricing for your online course (or before you increase it or decrease it) I want you to look at the entire offer as a whole.

#1 The Course Promise AKA the problem you’re solving

  • What are the results that you’re promising with your online course?
  • How long will it take someone to get results with your online course?
  • How long will it take someone to get those results that you’re promising?

You can’t price your product until you can answer those three questions...Inside of my program, Crushing it with Courses, I’m giving you the step-by-step of how to create an amazing digital course, I’m showing you how to add an income-producing asset to your business and I’m doing that in 60 days.  However, if I created a course on list building or branding, and it was something you could get through in 2 weeks from start to finish, there would be much less information, that would be reflected in a lower price point.

#2 Your Course Content

This is the framework, the way that you teach how to get someone from where they are today to where they want to be. So when you’re thinking about pricing you want to think about how many Modules will be included? How many lessons are inside of those modules? Inside of my course - I have Modules, which are the overarching theme and then inside each module, I have smaller lessons that are broken down into 10-15 min actionable videos that each build on each other. You get finished with one lesson then move on to the next, step-by-step…

#3 The Support You Offer (in addition to the course content)

Next, you’ll want to think about the support you’re going to offer to the students inside of your course. My favorite way to support my students is through private FB groups dedicated to that course. All of my paid programs also include private Facebook groups so that:

  1. I can hop in and help out my students whenever they get stuck
  2. The other students going through the course can support each other
  3. You, as the course instructor, can pop in live for weekly or monthly Q&A sessions

The other thing you can do is think about 1:1 support or group coaching ←- both of those can increase the value and you can charge more for that.

#4 The Sexy Bonuses

Lastly, you wanna think about what kind of bonuses you’re going to add to your course.Great bonuses can increase the value of your program, and if they are really good, that’s going to increase the overall perceived value of the course.My goal with all my courses is to WOW you so much with my bonuses that you want those just as much as you want the course.Here’s an example:Crushing it with Courses is all about course creation: how to create the digital course, but I know you need to know how to launch and market it as well. ….So because of that all of my bonuses are centered around how to launch and sell your course…

  • I walk you through my entire launch strategy, everything that’s worked for me in the past
  • My copywriter (guest expert) is going to walk you through how to create amazing copy for your sales pages and launch emails.
  • I walk you through how to create a webinar
  • ….And how to set up your course sales funnel so that you can sell your course passively

That’s what I want you to do with your online courses... create bonuses sooooo enticing that people would pay for them as standalone products.To recap when thinking about pricing…

  • The Course Promise (the problem) - what are the results you’re getting for your people
  • The Content - what is it? How long does it take people to get through it?
  • The Support - is there support? What does it look like? Is it a private FB group? 1:1 support, group coaching?
  • The Bonuses - what kind of bonuses are you including? Are they sexy enough to increase the price of the course? Would they be great standalone products?

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