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How to Pick the Best Course Topic for Your Business

irina pichura

What's the best course topic for your biz? Keep reading...You might have a million ideas for a course topic like I did when I first got started with my online biz......Or maybe you really want to create a course, but you feel you don’t have anything that’s worth making a course about. ...Or you might be thinking, there’s already a million courses out there on the same topic that I want to teach, so why create another?And this one’s my all-time fave: “who am I to teach this topic” - imposter syndrome, anyone? 🤦‍♀️If you fall into any of these categories, this article was written for YOU! I believe the perfect course topic is the intersection between:

  1. The knowledge and expertise that you already have
  2. The problem your audience has (right now)
  3. Your profit potential 💸
  4. And lights your soul on fire (what you can talk about all day every day) - for me, that’s digital courses, duh!

Let’s chat about each of these in a little more detail:

1. The Knowledge and Expertise that You Already Have

Your know-how, core competencies, background, and experience. They're the areas that seem “too simple” and are second nature to you.💌LOVE NOTE💌: it might actually take a bit of brainstorming to think about what comes easy to you, cause it's something you're so good at, you don't even think about.Your audience is looking to you for a simple step-by-step framework to get them from point A to point B, as fast as possible.For me, that was courses! I’ve been creating, consuming, marketing, and studying them for 2 years now! I also helped hire an entire Marketing team that created courses in my corporate days at This topic was an easy choice for me!Which leads me to...

2. The Problem Your Audience Has Right Now

People pay for solutions to their problems.What MY audience is telling me inside of my private Facebook Group, on Instagram, and in replies to my weekly emails, is that their #1 struggle is growing their audience.That’s what they think their problem is, but I’m reading between the lines. And this is something you need to do with your audience as a course creator as well. What they say is their problem, might actually not’s up to YOU to pinpoint what they’re actually struggling with. Let’s think about this logically: Do they really want to just grow their audience? Or, do they want to make money and have a profitable business? If you don’t have an amazing product that your audience is willing to pay for, then the size of your audience is irrelevant... And even if I were to hand them a big audience today that had their credit in hand, without a digital course, they'd get capped with how many people they could serve.So I knew that the solution to my audience’s problem is that they needed to create a digital course inside of their business.The cherry on top? One of the amazing byproducts of launching a course is also growing your audience. Because once you've created a stellar course, you'll begin learning all about sexy launching strategies like webinars, sales funnels, free and paid advertising. ...but it all starts with creating an amazing course first.

3.Your Profit Potential

A great way to find out if your course topic would be one that your audience would buy is to see what type of content, products or services they already consider valuable enough to pay for.Do they buy books, coaching, retreats on the same topic?Is your competition successfully selling similar products? If so, we know people are willing to pay for it, so competition, yes, please, and thank you.Speaking of competition - if you’re worried about your topic being oversaturated, it’s not. Most of what you’ll be teaching is already FREE and available on the internet anyway, but NO one will be teaching it like you.You offer a unique style and way of explaining things.It’s your one else can do it like you...and that’s what your audience is paying for - the information, but from YOU.

4. Your Topic Lights Your Soul on Fire ❤️️

You’re going to be talking about this topic A LOT, not only teaching it inside your course, during your launch, and also in between your launch... ...but also on your weekly original content on your blogs, your podcasts, and/or your FB lives. All of that content will be priming your audience for the next time you launch your course. It doesn’t have to be a topic you’ll talk about forever, but it’s something you should be very passionate about today.You’re going to grow with this topic, you’re going to become more knowledgable on this topic, your audience is going to teach YOU knew ways of explaining your topic.So start thinking about what that topic might be. If you already know, let me know below in the comments!

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