How to Create an Endless Stream of Fresh Content

irina pichura

Once you've created an awesome lead magnet and hooked up to your email service provider, you have to think about creating weekly original content to send to your list. This means you’re uploading a new podcast, blog post, or video, whatever you love and will stick to consistently.The success of your paid course, service, coaching, consulting, or training business rests heavily on your commitment to creating original free content. When you’re creating weekly original content, you are setting yourself up as the leader and “go-to source”. It's how trust between you and your audience grows - they need (and want) to see you showing up, every single week.By creating something new, interesting, and updated every single week, you’re giving people a reason to visit your website and in turn, building your email list. If you want to build momentum, new content needs to be a priority, every single week - not easy, but worth it. If you believe in what you’re creating, stick with it and have the patience that it is all adding up in your favor. Consistent content helps you build trust with your audience and earn their respect. And if you have content going out on a regular basis, you won’t have to work as hard, when you're ready to sell your paid offers. It’s easier to make money when you’re creating weekly content than it is to sell to a cold audience that hasn't heard from you in months.If you are anything like me, creating weekly content can be daunting, especially coming up with new ideas. It's your job as an entrepreneur to always fuel your mind for creative ideas - listen to podcasts, read books, watch YouTube channels, and even just moving your body.I love getting inspiration from others outside of my industry. A good example of someone I'm totally inspired by is Tati Westbrook, a makeup artist on Youtube. Totally unrelated to my content, but I love her dedication to her craft and how consistent she is (5 makeup new videos a week? hello inspiration!). And even though her content is about makeup, the actual IDEA can be used in different contexts ("best makeup products of the year", can turn into "best business products of the year"). The idea is to find inspiration and then make it your own.PRO TIP: Many times you'll get an idea when you least expect it, don't miss that opportunity. Grab your phone and save it into the Notes section of your phone so you can use it when you're ready to create. I always get ideas in the shower and before I go to bed, my Notes app is always ready.

Here's a list of content ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Tutorial or "How-To": If there's something you're really good at or there's something you really want to learn (that others would likely want to learn as well), turn it into a step-by-step tutorial, using photos, videos, or screenshots.2. Create a List: Whether its a list of services you love, top favorite travel destinations, or lessons you learned from "X", a list can make for an awesome piece of content.3. "Guide To" Post: Write your tips, tricks, and hints your audience would find useful for trying something new, experiencing a new place, using a product or service, or attempting something you may be skilled at (creating a beautiful Instagram feed, growing a Facebook group, purchasing the right camera).4. Share Something Personal: What challenges have you overcome? What experiences shaped you to be who you are today? How'd you get started with your online business? Did you experience a life-changing moment?5. A Behind the Scenes Moment: What's your morning routine? How do you set up your social media calendar? What does your workspace look like? How do you create your programs?6. Share Your Goals: Publically set a goal and break down how you're going to accomplish it. Create actionable steps you're audience will find valuable and invite them to hold you accountable.7. Create a Roundup: Which podcasts or blogs do you binge on? Read any awesome new books? Create a roundup post to spotlight what makes them so awesomeWith all of these ideas, keep in mind what you eventually want to sell. The people who will consume your content will (hopefully) sign up for your lead magnets and will eventually be your paying customers, so you don't want to get too far off-topic here.If you need more content ideas, here's a list of 15 content ideas to help you attract your ideal client avatar, download and keep it around for when you need an extra spark of creativity.

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