Email Lists - Where to Get Started

irina pichura

A strong email list is the heart of any business, regardless of your niche or industry. A growing email list, that’s engaged, is essential to connect with your tribe and sell your offers.One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business is to start growing an email list early. I suggest you put a major focus on this ASAP, whether or not you currently have something to sell or not.The main focus every day is list building activities, alongside creating my offers, so that once my paid offering is ready, I have a healthy, warm email list to launch it to.But where do you get started and how?


Are you’re weighing the pros and cons of different email service providers? Confused which one will be easy enough for you to use, yet robust enough to grow with your business? My advice is to do your research and find an email service provider that is within your budget, think about what other service providers you’ll be using it with (and if they’ll integrate), and whether it’s simple enough for you to get it up and running.What do I use and recommend? ActiveCampaign. This is the email service provider that I (luckily) started out with and one that I absolutely love. It’s easy to get started with, ($9 for first 500 subscribers), integrates beautifully with just about every other service provider and has a top notch customer service support (very important if you get stuck with anything). I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with other competing email service providers and they’re always delighted when switching to ActiveCampaign.


How do you get people on to your email list? By creating a really awesome freebie to give away to your audience in exchange for adding their name and email address to your list.In order to create a really good lead magnet - you want to ask yourself, what does my audience understand, be aware of, or believe in order to want or need my product, program or service?You want to offer something that is easy to understand, quick to consume, and instantly delivers value—think checklists, how-to guides, short lists of tips, secrets, insights, or recommendations.


Once you’ve created your lead magnet, you’ll need a landing page where you can send people to sign up and receive it. For this, I love Leadpages. They offer beautiful, high converting landing page templates that you can tweak according to match your branding. The best part is that you don’t need to hire a graphic designer or developer to get something really professional up and running quickly, by using their drag and drop builder.You can then easily hook Leadpages up to your email service provider and deliver a link to your freebie inside of your first email.


Now it’s time to connect your systems so that you can automatically collect email addresses from your audience. Follow the steps above to create a simple lead generation funnel so that when someone signs up to your email list, they automatically receive a series of emails from you, with the first one delivering your lead magnet.Once you’ve set your lead generation funnel up and everything is seamlessly working together, your only job is to continue sending traffic to it (AKA, filling the top of your lead gen funnel).Here are all the pieces of a simple lead generation funnel and how they all flow together:

Remember, once you have everything connected, you’re not doing anything “hands on”, other than filling the black box (traffic sources). The process is fully automated through Leadpages and ActiveCampaign, and running in the backend of your business.

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