9 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Manage Their Anxiety

irina pichura

Entrepreneurship is hard, like really really hard. It takes you outside of your comfort zone, all of the time. Things are constantly uncomfortable when you’re doing new things and if you’re growing, you’re always doing and trying new things. The first year of entrepreneurship was the hardest for me and my anxiety was through the roof. I had just gotten laid off from my corporate job a week before Christmas of 2017, just made some large investments into business coaching and was on a time crunch to make it all work, just thinking about it makes me really stressed.Thoughts like where will I get my first paying clients? Do I need to enroll in another course, how do I make the tech all work? Not to mention the hours spent sitting in front of the computer, alone, trying to do all the things, getting stuck, feeling as though you’re getting nothing done.It’s hard, I get it, I’ve been there.Here's what I've found helpful in managing my own anxiety as an entrepreneur:


Since you’re running an online business, you’re bound to be checking out your competition online - their website, social media, etc. While businesses look super shiny and like they have all their ducks in a row from the outside - you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. The most success 6-7-figure businesses don’t have it all figured out and have just as much (if not more) stress than you, they just have more resources and support. Also, realize that businesses and brands that have been around for a few years or more have staff, sometimes multiple people helping them - this is something I didn’t realize in the beginning. Keep on working on your craft, making money and then outsource the things you don’t love so much.


When you’re building a business, typically one of the biggest things most entrepreneurs tend to neglect is their health. “Once I make a lot of money, I’ll start eating healthier and have time to workout” - this is definitely something that I’ve told myself. But there’s definitely a direct correlation between how you feel and your business. If you’re feeling like crap, chances are you’re not going to be showing up the very best for your clients, or creating inspiring content. Improving your diet (eating healthier) and getting in a good amount of working out (whatever plan you decide works best for you) will naturally reduce your anxiety. A great idea is to get into a group training program. When you’re stuck working alone at home it’s easy to lose connection to the outside world, which in itself can lead to anxiety. I love going to work out at the gym alone, however, I incorporate Pure Barre classes a few days out of the week to mix in some social contact. The best piece of advice I ever heard about anxiety is to not worry about the anxiety, because it sort of creates a second layer of stress. It’s best to just accept the anxiety is there and learn ways to cope and alleviate it as much as possible.


Taking a high-quality CBD oil has definitely helped me so much with my anxiety. I take some in the morning and before bed. In the AM, it helps calm me but doesn’t make me sleepy, it actually helps with focus. And at night it helps relax me to get better sleep (which also helps alleviate stress) - it's definitely been a game-changer. My favorite brand is Soul CBD, I’ve gone through over 10 bottles, the orange flavor is yummy.


This one was hard for me to get into, but I wish I would have started it a long time ago. Quieting the mind and just focusing on your breath is so important.If you’re anything like me,  you’ll think this is a total waste of time, but stick with me here. Anxiety comes from constant worry, constant thinking. When you’re meditating, your goal is to just focus on breathing. The thoughts come and go, but you continue working on bringing it back to breathe and being still in your body.This is challenging to do, however, there are so many benefits to taking even just 10 minutes a day to meditate. I do guided meditations using an app called Headspace


At least once a week, find a day where you can turn off all social media, apps, emails, everything and spend the day recharging. Finding some quiet time and filling it with non-phone/computer time will give you time to focus on other areas of your life that provide stress relief. Enjoy a Netflix binge, take a bubble bath, go for a massage, get some sun, do some journaling, spending time with friends and family. Hopefully, these tips help you ease your entrepreneurial anxiety. The best piece of advice I ever received was to not judge your own anxiety and be so hard on yourself for experiencing it, as all it does is adds more worry to your worry. Understand that anxiety is something we all experience and having the pressure of owning a profitable business is definitely one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do - just find ways to cope with it when it does happen.


Another thing I was super resistant to is essential oils. Why am I so resistant to everything? Who knows.But I have finally found one oil (that I don't super love the smell of), but that actually helps with relieving major anxiety and that's Frankincense - I swear by it.I use an oil diffuser on my nightstand and ever since I started using this specific oil, I've gotten some of the best nights sleep of my life.


I've always been a major fan of tea, but since I started my business, I noticed that I was consuming a lot more coffee instead.Anytime my anxiety goes up, I always reach for a cup of Chamomile or Valerian tea. The simple act of drinking tea is relaxing, but these two are known for their calming properties.


Vitamin D might not be something you think of, but it can be one of the many lead causes of anxiety. The vitamin is known to actually affect proteins in the brain, which can play a large role in mood, learning, motor control, memory, and social behavior.There's a link between anxiety with Vitamin D deficiencies. Scientists have even found that those with low vitamin D are eleven times more prone to being depressed and anxious than those who have normal vitamin d levels! So, whenever I'm feeling anxious, I definitely try to get out and get some sun (it's the best way to intake vitamin D).Something to keep in mind is that vitamin D deficiency is also more common than you’d think, so a simple blood test could go a long way in helping your anxiety.


Most of the people in our lives will not understand what the heck we do - I’ve explained that I create and market courses to people and they are thoroughly confused. Finding someone who understands not only what you do, but can be there for you to vent, talk about your ideas, or even just to keep you accountable is great.I’ve developed relationships from people I’ve hired, inside of my facebook groups, and inside of masterminds. All entrepreneurs deal with some level of stress, find those you resonate with and build a network and support system.Need to find a tribe of entrepreneurs who get you? Want business besties who are right there with you in the trenches? Join my private Facebook Group - Behind the Business. We are there to support you in this entrepreneurial game!

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