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5 Reasons Most Online Courses Fail

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....And by fail, I mean never get finished...A lot of you have been working on an online course forever You probably have an outline (or many) collecting dust on your Google drive, or you’ve been writing down your ideas in a notebook, but all of those ideas are never fully completed and ready to launch. Let's change that, shall we?

Mistake #1 - People don’t treat their digital course like the actual project that it is...

People get stuck because they aren’t giving their (would be course) the time and attention that it deserves. There’s a lot of decisions you need to make as a course which course platform to host on, are you going to record over slide decks or direct to camera, your course topic, whos right for the course, the name, the price, the list goes on and on.It’s definitely a project, not a quick one and done.And if you treat this as a project, you’ll beat out 99% of your competitors, because most people never finish their courses.

Mistake #2 -  Thinking about the sales strategy before creating the course

Before I get into this one, I KNOW, I KNOW...this is totally an unpopular opinion and I'll lose some friends over this one, but I'm tots cool with that!There’s a lot that goes into selling a course - the sales page, the sales funnel, the webinar, the FB ads.When you’re first starting out, you likely are doing everything yourself and don’t have a big team AND likely a tight budget. Putting together your course PLUS trying to put together the promo for it at the same time is a huge mistake because you will never be able to get it all done at the same time. If you want to create a course, like actually finish it start to finish, STOP worrying about webinars, sales funnels and how you’re going to launch it - and focus on finishing the course first. If you stay focused on the course creation - you can get it done in 60 days.Then it’s time for sexy webinars, sales funnels, and launch strategies.

Mistake #3  - Not knowing how to teach your content inside your course

There’s a big difference between knowing your content and teaching inside your course. You’re likely going to be creating a course around something that you’ve gotten results for clients or yourself with.  Teaching inside of a course is very different than teaching inside of an online course. You want to put it into some kind of framework, steps, a system.As an example from Crushing it with Courses, I know that you need to decide on who your course is for before you begin outlining your course. I have 6 modules, each one has lessons inside of it that build on each other. You can’t hop into any of my courses and flip around, you have to go step-by-step and I encourage you to do the same thing for your course as well. Think about your content, how can you organize it in a way that will take your students from where they are right now to where they want to be in a way that makes sense?  Also, you want to keep your students engaged the entire time, so you want to consider how you keep the content refreshing, exciting and motivating. As an example, I have “Quote Slides” sprinkled in my lessons, I also have a slide that acknowledges where my students might get stuck inside my course, and remind you to keep moving forward, and I always end each lesson with a “DO THE WORK” slide to give my students on what the next steps are and to take action.

Mistake #4 - Overthinking all the details

I'm a huge overthinker, but I also know that I need to STOP thinking and overanalyzing and get to work (there's only so many PROS and CONS lists you can make inside your head, right? 😉)Courses are fluid and can be changed and tweaked once you launch them. Everything from the content inside the course to the way you market and sell it. The first time out of the gate, it’s impossible to know the perfect pricing or even pricing plansSometimes you’ll come up with a name that doesn’t work, this happened to me, I actually am cringing at the name of my first course.Inside of Crushing it with Courses, I walk you through all the parts where I know you will get stuck so that you can finish your course. ...this means, naming your course, pricing it, and everything tech-related.

Mistake #5 - Including everything you know into one course

Don't so it!!As a course creator, it’s your job to sit down and figure out the very best strategy to get your student’s results.It’s not your student’s job to sit through a million lessons and figure out how to see results.The very best course creators are those that can skillfully figure out how to get their students from point A to point B as quickly as possible.It’s tempting to show off all of your knowledge inside your course - but this is NOT the place to do it (save it for your free content, show off there 😉)What I love to do is create smaller lessons inside of bigger modules.So I have 6 Modules inside of Crushing it with Courses, each module has 3-6 bite-sized lessons. Each of those lessons is 10-15 minutes long - a power punch of information, with instructions at the end of what needs to be done next.Each lesson builds on the next and each module builds on the other. By the time my students are done, they have gotten the promised result - they’ve successfully created a course.

If want my help & support in creating your course this year, I invite you to join me inside of Crushing it with Courses, check it out here.If you're NOT quite ready, that's okay, you can still start making course-related decisions with my FREE Course Creation Planner.

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