5 Must-Have Integrations for Your Business

irina pichura

Since hiring my savvy virtual assistant, I’ve been getting my biz tidy and more organized, which got me thinking about all the automation that I’ve set up in my business (and honestly forgot about) until we took a look at all the systems that were actually running in the background.I have tons of other automation, but I wanted to give you a variety of them to get your wheels spinning of ways you can hook up your tech together.Most platforms speak to each other: this is what I mean when I say “native integration” below.If they “don’t speak” (yet), check out Zapier to make the connection!

#1 Acuity Scheduler + Zoom + Google Cal

When I took a bunch of one-on-one clients, this automation was a total time saver! How this automation works:

  1. I sent a prospect a link to my Acuity Scheduler
  2. They book a call with me (and fill out an intake form)
  3. The appointment automatically gets added to both of our calendars with a Zoom room (in the location field)

How the tech works:Acuity has a native integration set up with Zoom and Google Calendar.

#2 Leadpages + ActiveCampaign

This is one of the first integrations I created in my business when I started to get serious with my list building.How this automation works:When someone signs up for one of my lead magnets/freebies/optins through Leadpages, they automatically get added to my email list on ActiveCampaign. How the tech works:Leadpages has native integration with most email service providers.

#3 Proof + LeadPages

Social proof is one of the best ways to increase conversions. Proof is an awesome widget that displays your conversions (sign-ups) in real-time.You’ve probably have seen travel sites use this a lot, showing you that (1,000 people are viewing or just booked something), giving you major FOMO and making you book too.I use Proof for all of my freebies/opt-ins and sales pages.How this automation works:Inside of Proof, you set up what “conversion” you want: (sign up to lead magnet, sign up to course, page views, etc).The proof widget is displayed to show the conversion in real-time on your page like this:How the tech works:

  1. Zapier connects Proof and LeadPages (or whatever landing page service you use).
  2. Add the Proof widget code to your sales page "Header" code.

#4 SamCart + Stripe, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay

I’m a huge fan of SamCart because they allow me to integrate with so many different payment processors, especially with new additions of Digital Wallets (GooglePay & ApplePay).They also have the industries highest converting payment forms, upsells, affiliates, and so much more!How this automation works:You sign up for accounts with both Stripe and PayPal. Once you have an account on SamCart, you can add them as your payment processors. How the tech works:SamCart has native integration with Stripe and PayPal.

#5 WebinarJam/EverWebinar + ActiveCampaign

I’ve been using WebinarJam and EverWebinar for my live and evergreen webinars for years and I love how easily the platform integrates with my email service provider, landing pages, etc.How this automation works:Once someone signs up for my webinar they automatically get added to my email service provider = ActiveCampaign.They get emails on how to join the webinar and a sales sequence one they’ve watched the webinar. How the tech works:WebinarJam has native integration with ActiveCampaign (and most other email service providers. Need to figure out which tech is right for you? My course creation planner will help you:

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