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4 Things to Try If Your Course Isn’t Selling

irina pichura

“What to do if your course isn’t selling?” - I definitely have popped this search term into google before (embarrassing but true).Okay, here’s a massive truth bomb 💣 - my first ever course launch brought in a massive 2 sales in 2017.#Facepalm. But the good news is I’ve learned a thing or two since then.When I created my first course, I knew nothing about launching. I literally spent months in a bat cave creating the most delicious course, worried about the graphics, the audio quality, and my workbooks, only to get 2 sales for $295. Not hating on the 2 people on my email list that did join, but I really wanted to see the same success that others had with digital courses.After wiping away my tears (many), I decided to make it my mission to learn and understand how the F to launch. I wasn’t giving up without a fight so I became CONSUMED and OBSESSED with learning all the digital marketing secrets. After all the fine-tuning, testing and tweaking, here are the things that have made a massive difference in my course sales. Pssst, they could also work for you, even if you’ve had a flopper launch.


What was life before webinars? Not sure. I was struggggling to sell my course, doing Facebook lives, emailing my list, making captivating posts on my Instagram and it wasn’t until I created a webinar did sales really start to happen.There’s something so magical about webinars, masterclasses, training, whatever you wanna call them. They are something people commit to, sign up for, and get TONS of value out of, and in the end, if they want to dive deeper with you and have you help them further, they sign up for your program. There’s something about being in real-time with your audience and being able to capture their attention, interact with them, and answer their questions that makes this entire thing work really really well. The other great thing about it is that it’s predictable. Webinars close anywhere between 1-6%, so it’s all about knowing your numbers. The more people you get on your webinar, the more sales you’ll get. The better you get at selling and pitching, the higher your conversion will be. It takes some practice to get comfortable, but once you get your first few out of the way, they actually become really fun! I use WebinarJam as the platform to host my webinars and their platform Everwebinar to set them to evergreen once I have my winning Webinar (the one that converted the best live).


You can definitely write your own copy and I have a particular knack for writing (obvi, just look at this blog), but when it comes to conversion copyrighting; the words that sell your shit, you’re gonna wanna bring in a pro, and not just any pro, one that understands your unique selling proposition (USP), and your audience. My copywriter came in and totally overhauled my course sales page, which made the difference between a course with no sales, to one that now has daily sales, yes, copy is that powerful - you could have an amazing kickass course and no one will ever know about it because you (prob) aren’t a conversion copywriter. We nailed the sales page so hard, LeadPages even gifted us the “Landing Page of the Year” award out of 500 participants #ProudMoment 🎉


Perceived value, IS value to your customer <- Read that again.If they are get something in a pretty bow tie, that’s visually appealing, streamlined and stimulating, that’s a heck of a lot more valuable than thrown together messy course and marketing. Ideally, you want a quality course experience inside and out, but no one will know what the inside looks like if you don’t pay attention to the small details on the outside. One of the first course investments was on a graphic designer. She works with me to create a branding board with a color palette, fonts, and other graphic elements that I can use throughout my course. After hearing my vision, a few Pinterest boards, and lots of research later, she providers me this:

If you need a designer recommendation, shoot me an email at


As my first course grew, I received some amazing testimonials from my students. Anytime there’s a major win, I always ask if they would be willing to share a screenshot from inside my private course Facebook group or if they’d be willing to record a quick video.I like to collect a combination of written (text) testimonials, screenshots of messages from DM or from the Facebook group, or short recorded interview or solo video. I use all three on the sales page.The social proof allows your potential customers to envision themselves in your student's shoes. They want to see validation that your course gets the promised result or transformation. Keeps your sales page fresh with new testi's anytime you get 'em!

These are my 4 top tips of things you can try if your course isn't selling right now. Don't give up on it! All you might need are some small tweaks and adjustments to get the ball rolling. I know it's frustrating, but if I can do it, so can you! 👊

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