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3 Step Funnel that Sells my Course on Evergreen

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I get asked about my sales funnel all 👏 of 👏the 👏 time.Why? Because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever created in my business, but it also generates passive income on autopilot. I think I just said every entrepreneur's favorite words - ‘passive income’ and ‘autopilot’.I used to think making money in my sleep was a sleazy sales tactic that only “BRO MARKETERS” used in social media ads - until it became my reality last year.After creating my first course and going through a live launch (several times), I wanted to have people enrolling to the course every day. I didn’t understand why I should only make money during an “open” and “close” cart phases. I also knew that even though “scarcity” is what gets people moving (with cart close date), that people needed my course year-round. My ICA (for my old business) was job seekers, they need the course, well, when they need it.  


I started implementing live webinars into my launches. This was a game-changer for me because it allowed me to give massive value and sell at the end. It also allowed for me to start seeing trends and get comfortable with numbers - if I got 100 people registered for my live webinar, 30 showed up live and 5 purchased, I knew that all I had to do is play with the numbers - the more people I can get registered, the more people I can get to show up live, the better my webinar became, the higher my conversions would be! I spent several months fine-tuning all parts of my funnel to optimize it, but before I get into all of the parts, let me show ya what the funnel looks like:



As you can see the top of funnel starts with paid and free traffic. About 75% of my traffic is paid to advertising using Facebook ads. The free traffic comes from other sources like Pinterest, Instagram, blogging, guest podcasting, etc. Currently, I’m spending $100 a day on ads to fill my webinar and averaging one sale a day.


The webinar that I’m sending traffic to is one that I did last year. I did it live over the course of several weeks, about 10 times until I had the winning one that converted the best. THIS IS WHERE A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKE A HUGE MISTAKE - they want to set their webinar on evergreen, but they won’t have a “winning” webinar because they haven’t done enough of them to know which one will convert the best. Once you begin spending money on ads - the difference between a webinar that converts at 1% and 5% is huge for your ROI. Spend time doing the live webinars, don’t get impatient and lazy. For webinar software, I use WebinarJam. It’s super easy to integrate with my email service provider (ActiveCampaign) to send registrants email updates pre/ post-webinar, along with my sales sequence. It also was a seamless move to Everwebinar (their evergreen webinar platform).


If someone wants to purchase my course during the webinar, they get sent to my course sales page (created in ClickFunnels) and they automatically get added to my course platform Kajabi. If they do not purchase, they get taken through an email sales sequence for 7 days. This is where I continue to give value, show testimonials, FAQ’s, etc. For my emails, I use ActiveCampaign, it’s super simple to set up and integrates with every service provider.


So it’s literally changed my life. I know that sounds silly to say, but I could be at the airport about to board my flight to Mexico and receive two-course sales back to back (this happened last week). I literally could feel like working on a completely different project (like this blog right now) and make course sales. At the same time as this whole thing is running in the background, every STRIPE notification is a celebration; one is for the pat on the back for me putting this whole thing together (it wasn’t easy the first time), but ALSO is that amazing feeling of knowing that I’m transforming lives of the people signing up to my course - win/win!  If you’re thinking of adding a digital course into your business and/or building out an evergreen funnel similar to mine, you first need to decide on the tech. I mentioned the following service providers that make my funnel possible in this post, but you need to decide what’s going to work for you and your budget.To make this decision easier for you, I’ve created a  Course Creation Planner so that you can map out what your initial and monthly cost will be for every step of your funnel, you can download it here.

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