3 Mindset Shifts to Become Profitable Online

irina pichura

Everyone always says that entrepreneurship is 50% mindset 50% strategy (% 's fluctuate depending on who you ask), but mindset is something you definitely can’t ignore in the online space.There’s a constant upleveling you have to make to be and stay competitive. Here are the mindset shifts I had to make in the past several months that have made the biggest difference = exponential business growth.

  1. Drowning Out the Noise to Build Your Own Thing

In the beginning of my business all I did was consume and follow other people’s businesses.

  • This led to my content being a carbon copy of theirs (nothing original).
  • Envy that my business is nowhere near the same level as theirs.
  • My business looking and feeling like theirs and not mine (boring and inauthentic).

The mindset shift: I have thoughts, feelings, opinions that are my own. I have enough experience in my field to be able to speak about these things confidently. When I create my own content (from my head and heart and NOT from what I heard someone else say or do), it resonates so much more with my audience. By not consuming so much of other people’s content, you allow space for your brain to come up with your own. I find inspiration for content from my own audience, but if you’re so busy and consumed in other businesses, you won’t have time to notice.“The best content comes from listening and hearing your own audience”

  1. Believe “it’s not working” the first few years

I thought everyone was so far ahead of me when I started (and they were), but guess what, now 3 years into it, I’m further ahead of others.We all start somewhere and it’s not a race. Overnight success is BS. The “0 to 6 figure launches in 2 months” success stories are utter crap, because I know that today because I know what it takes in order to get there now. It took me 3 years to feel somewhat stable in my business. 3 years to finally hire a VA. 3 years to secretly feel like I might need a backup plan. And guess what? I still feel like I have a long way to go. Mindset shift: it takes time to grow a successful, profitable business. I’m in this for the long term and everything I’m doing daily is adding up in my favor. I’m adding new people to my audience every day. I’m creating weekly content to bring them value. I’m creating programs that offer them solutions.It’s all adding up and I will be successful and profitable no matter what it takes.

  1. Thinking that there’s a magic freebie, coach, or course “that’s going to change everything around”

I searched for that magical thing for years, so you don’t have to 😆The bad news: it doesn’t exist.The good news: some of the things you’ll do will be worthwhile, while others will be a waste of your time....all are learning experiences taking you down a path of a successful business.But there’s no one way, one thing, one solution.Mindset shift: stop searching for a magical cure. It takes a LOT of hard work, passion, commitment and tunnel vision to make your business successful. When you’re ready to add something new into your business, sure, enroll into the program, or hire that coach, but just know, it’s not going to change your entire business around from failing to 6 figures. It 👏just 👏 takes👏 time.

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