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2 Ways I’m Growing My Audience for My Upcoming Course Launch

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I anticipate my course launch this October to be the biggest one I’ve ever had. Not saying this to be cocky, but I’m being very intentional and strategic about what I am doing leading up to this launch.I’ve taken a look at everything that’s worked inside my business over the last two years and what hasn’t and really pushing hard on the things that have given me the best results.Everyone’s business is different. What works for me may or may not work for you, but I wanted to share my pre-launch, audience building tips and tricks to inspire you, see what’s possible, and possibly even steal a few ideas - I’m totally cool with that 😆Before I get into the 2 steps I’m using to create a super-engaged audience for my next launch, what I did before implementing these two steps is I created a hyper-course-focused FREEBIE. I started by getting crystal clear on who I’m creating this course for; I know this person like the back of my hand. Yep, it’s the Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) work everyone ALWAYS drills down your head, but on steroids. I’ve been lurking inside private Facebook communities, listening to her struggles, challenges, and deepest desires for over a year. Yep, in total stalker mode.Because I know her on such an intimate level now, I knew what she wanted/needed as a freebie. The freebie I created solved an immediate problem and made her see what was possible (her creating a profitable digital course-based business). My freebie is a free interactive course planner that helps you figure out which tech and tools would be best for your course launch. You see, I knew that tech was a HUGE thing that stopped a lot of “would be” course creators from actually completing and making money from their course - my planner solves this problem so that they can confidently make decisions on which technology they will use to create and launch their course. Want a peek at this freebie?  Download it here.     Now that I have a hyper-course-focused way to get peeps onto my email list, here are the 2 strategies I’m using to quickly grow my audience with it:


I know, total shocker, but hear out the ninja strategies my Facebook ads Manager and I are using.One month out from my launch, we created ads to get people to download the planner. We started by doing a lot of testing on a ton of different ads to see which would convert the best.We are testing different images, copy, and audiences.Some of our ads include brand photos, static images of the planner imposed on a gorgeous flat lay, short videos of me using the planner, and a video of me actually explaining how to use the planner, etc. Here are some ad examples:

Next, I'm going live on my Facebook page every Wednesday on a topic that is related to the course and we are retargeting traffic to those who downloaded the freebie already.Here's an example:

The objective we placed for these ads is “video views” and we are getting thousands of views on the cheap (as low as $0.07 per view).METHOD #2 - BLOGGING with PINTEREST & TAILWINDMy blogging and Pinterest game was already strong before this pre-launch, but I amped it up a notch during this pre-launch period.I love creating blogs and in fact, I create weekly original content, year-round [More on how I do that here].So here’s what I do - I pre-plan all of my weekly blogging content around my course topic ahead of time and then write one blog article per week on that topic. SUPER HELPFUL TIP: these are the same topics I use for the weekly Facebook lives that I send traffic to.To get a ton of eyes on that content I use a ninja Pinterest technique that’s worked like crazy for me. I first create about 4 different pins for each blog article and add them onto my own Pinterest boards that I already created ahead of time. I then also use Tailwind to distribute them into the Tribes I’m apart of.  If you’re not using Tailwind to grow your blog yet, give it a try here for free for 14 days.WHY THESE STRATEGIES COMBINED ARE SO POWERFUL2 reasons: Blogging and Pinterest are FREE and it’s evergreen. Using Tailwind is extremely cheap if you want to amplify your results even quicker. Blog articles you write once will be found, months and years down the road. Yep, I have people finding me and entering my sales funnel through a blog article I published years ago - how cool is that?

Pinterest is a long term strategy, HOWEVER, it works. And it works like crazy is you're consistent.  

Facebook ads are amazing because they’re immediate and fast results - which is great when you’re going into a launch and need leads. As long as you nurture them once they are on your list, through retargeting with Facebook ads with weekly live videos leading up to your launch.FACEBOOK ADS PLUS BLOGGING/PINTEREST with Tailwind has been what’s grown my course-ready audience the quickest and fastest way.  

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