15 Prompts to Inspire Captivating Content Ideas

irina pichura

Are you ready to commit to creating continued growth in your business? To build a loyal fanbase? How about a sustainable business foundation? If so, creating weekly, original content through a blog, podcast or video show is what you need to begin doing.Yes, weekly (no matter what).By creating content that makes your ideal customer stops scrolling and starts paying attention, you begin to grow an engaged audience of raving fans who are eager to join your paid products and services when you launch. When you learn how to create stellar content, you have the ability to command attention, inspire others to take action, and cultivate an intimate connection with your audience. Most people won’t put their efforts into content creation— but those that do will grow a thriving business as a result.Right here and now, I want you to make me a virtual pinky promise: that you’ll commit to creating quality, value-driven content that is designed specifically to improve the lives of your audience.  What makes content both quality and captivating? It’s well thought out, helpful, inspirations and/or entertaining. Meaning that you’ve taken the time to understand what your audience wants and needs, what’s holding them back and keep them stuck in their life. The more you know about your audience, the more laser-focused you can get with your content and the more your audience will find it helpful.

Here are my three top tips for you to keep in mind as you set off on the journey of creating your weekly content:

Tip #1: It’s always about your audience, not about you

Your audience is selfish (in a good way!) They always want to know what’s in it for them, so even when you’re sharing a story about you and your own experiences, always find a way to tie it back to your avatar. Whenever sitting down to curate content ideas, think about: Why should they care about this piece of content? How does this help them?

Tip #2: Don’t think about the money

Yes, we are business owners and businesses make money, however, with your content, it’s better to lead with impact, transformation, and the results. When you approach your content from that context, the money will naturally follow as a byproduct.  I always want my content to be fused with advice that my avatar can’t wait to take action on.

Tip #3: Give your best away for free

You must be willing to give away your best content for free. This is what will set you apart from your competition.When someone reads your blog, listens to your podcast or downloads one of your freebies, you want them to say “Wow, this is so incredibly valuable. If this is what her free content is like, I wonder what the paid stuff must be like!” By not being afraid to give away your best stuff away for free you’ll secure a future customer and a loyal fan for life.Now it’s time for you to take action:I know how time-consuming it might feel to think of 52 pieces of content to create for the year, so I want to help you get started.Here are some prompts to curate original content for your audience:

  1. Think about a question(s) that you get asked all the time...and answer it.
  2. What are the three-five software, tools, apps, hacks, or products that would make your ICA’s life better?
  3. What are the top three posts on your social media in the last few months? How can you turn those into content?
  4. Who could you interview to share insights, tips or other valuable information with your ICA?
  5. Can you spotlight or do a case study the results you’ve gotten for your clients/customers?
  6. What is your ICA most afraid of?
  7. What could help your ICA right now?
  8. What is something you can share with your ICA about when you used to be where they are now?
  9. What is your ICA embarrassed to admit?
  10. What does your ICA need to believe before they purchase your product?
  11. What step-by-step process could you outline for your ICA?
  12. What expert’s opinions does your ICA find valuable? What type of content could you create to add you voice/opinion to the conversation?
  13. What are the top three things that are preventing your ICA from giving your program, product, or service a try?
  14. Are there life lessons, stories or experiences that can be applied to what you teach?
  15. What has your ICA tried in the past that has not worked for them?
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