I’m Irina. I help driven entrepreneurs CRUSH it in online business.

I’m a whiz at digital course creation, taking budding businesses and helping them grow, flourish, and CRUSH it in the online world. Former New Yorker, currently kickin’ it by the beach in Florida—I’m OBSESSED with your success.

Wanna know more? Keep reading.

Come with me, it’s time I tell you the story of how I got started in my 6-figure business and (more importantly) how I’ll get you there.

I spent the first half of my career working in some pretty amazing corporate settings.
And for the most part, I LOVED it.

It was so secure and challenging in all the right ways.

But that 9-5 (err let’s be real 8-8) was starting to wear on me. My heart just wasn’t in it. But fate—as it always does—stepped in to point me in the right direction.

Christmastime 2017, after more than 10 years at the corporate grind, my boss called me in.

She sat me down and solemnly told me they were “restructuring”.

Handed me my pink slip… Actually in my case it was blue. And it was an envelope, with just enough income for the next month… And that was it.  

Bye bye corporate hustle. I was crushed. But ya know…the universe works in funny ways..

That nightmare? It was exactly what I needed to go from “crushed” former corporate hustler to completely CRUSHING it in online business.

Though working in fast-paced Fortune 500 companies brought me a level of competency I couldn’t get anywhere else—it was never where I wanted to be.  

I realized that corporate life was not part of my path. And that side gig I thought I’d never have the time to turn into something great? Well…

In just one year I went from laid off to living my dream with a 6-figure business I’m passionate (like down to the bone passionate) about.

Now, my financial stability, my self-worth, my life—they’re on my terms. And, that’s what I want to bring to you.

How do I do that? I’ll tell ya

👉 I show up to play. I get all up in your biz and drill down to what ignites you, what your people need & where the two combine to make a profitable business you love.

👉  I believe in you from the outset. I’m here to be in your corner when the going gets tough & nudge you in the right direction.

👉 I’ve got legit strategies that have worked for me and for my clients. It’s all real. No fluff. Just the actual steps to build your business engine and rev it up!

👉 I meet you where you are and help you build systems, and products that have your biggest fans coming in one side and money comin’ out the other.

Ready to kick your biz into high gear? I thought so.

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